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· WarpPSD.datatype
A 24-bit capable datatype for Adobe Photoshop® images.
For 68k, OS4, WarpOS and MorphOS.
Copyright © 2001-2011 Oliver Roberts, All Rights Reserved.
Version: 45.5
Released: 11 March 2011

WarpPSD.datatype is a datatype which allows you to view and read Adobe Photoshop® image files (commonly used file extensions are .PSD and .PDD). As far as I know, this is the first datatype of it's kind for AmigaOS. In addition to supporting the 68k (with optimized versions for 020, 030, 040 and 060), it also supports the PowerPC processor, with native WarpOS and MorphOS versions. Even better, it is fast, compact, clean and well behaved - a true plug'n'play PPC datatype. One of the key features is its superior speed, hence the name WarpPSD. This datatype uses the same engine as used by my other WarpDTs. There are various user settings available, which can be changed using the WarpDT Preferences program.

· Features

  • Handles Adobe Photoshop® 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0 images (currently does not support layered images)
  • Most of the available modes are supported, including 24-bit RGB, Greyscale, Monochrome, 256 colour palette-based and CMYK images. Images using RLE compression are also supported
  • Highly optimized datatype dispatch engine and PSD decoder, resulting in a very efficient, compact and quick PSD datatype
  • Asynchronous file i/o and double buffering techniques (WarpOS only), which speeds up image decoding
  • Optimized versions for 68020, 030, 040 and 060
  • PowerPC support with native OS4, WarpOS and MorphOS versions
  • Alter the pen allocation precision when images are remapped to an 8-bit display
  • Specific support for the AmigaOS picture.datatype v44+, when available
  • The dithering feature of the AmigaOS picture.datatype v44+ can be configured to your liking (e.g. disabled for 15/16-bit displays)
Warp Datatypes

· Requirements

  • Kickstart 3.0 or higher
  • picture.datatype v43 or higher (i.e. either of the ones supplied with AmigaOS 3.5+, P96 or CGraphX)
68k version
  • 68020 processor or higher (optimized versions included)
WarpOS version
  • PPC accelerator card + 68040/060
  • WarpUp Release 5.0 or higher
OS4 version
  • PPC accelerator card / AmigaOne / SAM
  • AmigaOS 4.0 or higher
MorphOS version
  • PPC accelerator card / Pegasos / Efika
  • MorphOS 1.4 or higher
Note that a graphics card is not necessary.

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