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0000002PNGImage Decodingpublic2020-05-11 08:30
Reportertwiard Assigned Tooliver  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version45.23 
Summary0000002: truncated image decoding

when I decode the .PNG attached, I see only a part of the picture as seen on the screenshot attached

thank you
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2020-05-10 08:46


20200510_103805.jpg (1,767,405 bytes)


2020-05-10 08:47


amigalogocheck.png (57,137 bytes)   
amigalogocheck.png (57,137 bytes)   


2020-05-10 13:05

administrator   ~0000002

Thanks for the report - I've traced this back and the problem first started occurring in WarpPNG 45.18 (45.17 and earlier were ok). There is a stream decode error appearing in zlib, but I have yet to determine if the problem is located in zlib or libpng - unfortunately, both were updated in WarpPNG 45.18. I'll hopefully find a fix soon.


2020-05-11 08:30

administrator   ~0000003

This has been fixed for the next release. Technically, there is an error in that PNG file (zlib window size has been set to the incorrect size) which can be fixed with pngfix. But, I've reverted WarpPNG to the old libpng 1.5.x behaviour so it will be able to read all images with this error. IBrowse inherited this issue too and that is fixed too also, for the next release.

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