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0000001DatatypesImage Decodingpublic2016-09-24 08:55
ReporterRotzloeffelAssigned Tooliver 
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PlatformAmiga 4000T PPCOSOS 3.9OS Version
Summary0000001: System crash when Ram is full
DescriptionWhen using CyberstormPPC with 128 MB RAM and Additional ZoRAM or Bigram+ with 256 MB System crashes when using warpDatatypes when the RAM-Disk ist filled with 300 MB of data (eG. Cyberstorm PPC RAM is not available anymore!)

this could be reproduced
Steps To ReproduceUse PPC Accelerator and additional Z3-RAM Card (ZoRam, Bigram+) start Ibwrowse, fill the Ramdisk with more than 128 MB data.... load an image or website using WarpDatatypes (WOS).... -> System crashes.....

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2016-09-17 08:59

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Does it crash when loading image(s) with multiview also, when running low on ram? Just wondering if it could be an IBrowse issue.

Unfortunately, without any debug logs it is hard to say what the culprit is, and my A1200+BPPC is out of action currently (waiting for AmigaKit to repair it).

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